Is a Rowing Machine Good for Weight Loss?

A research by the World Health Organization revealed that 75% of adults aged between 24 and 80 exercises every week. It goes on to say that the...

Is a Rowing Machine Good for Weight Loss?

A research by the World Health Organization revealed that 75% of adults aged between 24 and 80 exercises every week. It goes on to say that the gap is becoming thinner by the day as people are getting acquainted with the benefits of working out.

The most effective methods of staying fit are exercising, keeping a keen eye on your diet and to some extent, using diet loss pills. However, getting the right machine to aid in your weight loss program has deemed an uphill battle for many people.


You need a machine that you are comfortable with, can accommodate your weakness and stamina while still having hard knocks on the excess fats. A rowing machine, surprisingly, can meet all these. It’s great for building muscles, losing weight, reviving vital body organs, hence a game-changer in the fitness world.

Below is a quick list of recommended products. Keep scrolling to learn more about why you should use a rowing machine.

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Why a Rowing Machine?

Two words; technique and power

The method of rowing machines has one mission, to break your body and burn as much fat as possible. And it works on every part of the body. The figure below shows the muscles that are affected by the process. As you can see, both the trunk and the limb muscles have a share of the power distribution.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

When you want to get rid of fat very fast, exercise following the heart training program. What makes the difference is not how long you train, but the intensity of each exercise.

Picture this; you have met your High School friend whom you nicknamed “Lard arse” because of his blobby body. He tells you that he’s signed for a gym membership. However, you only notice a little change. Don’t be quick to judge. He might have actually been going to the gym, but he has not chosen the right training equipment.

Quick tip, advise him to start rowing. The device adheres to all the rules and regulations of the heart training program. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Here are a few of the noticeable benefits when you row for weight loss.

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1)    Heart-Rate Elevation

The machine doesn’t leave any part of the body unattended. That’s why it is regarded as a general workout machine. It will keep your heart running due to significant muscle development.

When compared to a treadmill or bike, a rower has a positive change to your physique than the former. Plus, you will burn more calories and get exhausted sooner than you think.

With a combination of intricate exercise routines that compromise of high-intensity cardio workouts, you have a high chance of melting loads of more calories.

2)    Cardiovascular Benefits

As a part of aerobic exercise, it significantly shoots your heart rate up.  It, therefore, has a keen eye to the lungs, which is a vital body organ in the distribution of oxygenated blood. The primary function of the heart and lungs is to keep the body metabolism working. If they are healthy, your body will function well.

3)    A Low-Impact Workout Machine

Some people dread going to the gym because they have weak joints. They are afraid that the bones might get fractured when they lift heavyweights. Such people engage in activities that put a lot of stress to their joints. For instance, games like football and rugby involve a lot of running which weaken the bones. So it's true that they might experience sharp pains when they lift weights.

Or else, some workouts still pose a danger to your joints. It may not show now, but the rigorous and regular sessions may be a recipe for disaster in the future.

A rowing machine, on the other hand, brings something new. You can easily exercise without worrying about exerting excess pressure on the joints. Why? It can be adjusted. We'll talk about this in the next point. It doesn't hint out that you shouldn't lift heavy weights; however, the combination is critical.

4)    Adjustable Resistance

Most of the exercises provide resistance, but which can’t be adjusted. If your strength can't withstand the workouts, you have to work your way up to be at the same level. On the other hand, if you are too strong, there is no way to crank it up.

With a rowing machine, you determine your level of resistance which provides a broad range of motion to meet your fitness needs. Plus, the resistance doesn’t come in one way but two.  So you get double workouts in less time.

5)    It’s Very Convenient

Let’s face it – sometimes the reason why you’ve never exercised before is not that it's hard to exercise. But getting motivation to do it is the problem in the first place. And surprisingly, convenience is the most excellent motivator of working out.


You don’t have to live by the water with a rowing boat right on your porch to have a feel of rowing. As much as this is more fun, a rowing machine gives you a "DIY" feel of cruising through the water.  And still, you will be getting the physical benefits.

6)    Easy to Use

You were probably freaked out the first time you stepped into a gym. You saw rows and rows of equipment. What you might have known may have been the treadmill, but had no idea what the others were and how they are used. You needed the gym instructor to enlighten you.

A rowing machine is a whole new story. It's straightforward to learn and use. That's why anyone from any age group can make it their equipment for losing excess weight. The rule of the game is to use it in the right way. By this, you'll avoid injuries and get the most out of it.


If you dread exercising than losing weight, your first stop in the gym should be a rowing machine. The machine gives you the oomph, and it will keep you engaged. So do you want to be left out? (probably not) Why not use a rowing machine as your go-to equipment for weight loss.