What Exercises Are In Insanity Cardio Power And Resistance

Insanity cardio power and resistance exercises are some of the highly intense cardio exercises that require minimal to no rest.

What Exercises Are In Insanity Cardio Power And Resistance

Insanity cardio power and resistance exercises are some of the highly intense cardio exercises that require minimal to no rest. These exercises are what insanity is all about.

The 40 minutes long workout consists of a 10 minutes session of warm-up, 10 minutes stretching, 17 minutes long intense workout, and 3 minutes cool down. There are several exercise routines in insanity cardio and resistance; each routine poses its challenges and is fashioned to strengthen, tone, and build different parts of the body.

The insanity cardio power and resistance exercise focus mainly on the triceps and legs. It involves a lot of jumping, and one needs to have a soft material to land on while exercising. These exercises require a lot of energy; thus, it is essential to know your limit before attempting them.

Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance Exercise List

The first thing you need to do is to stretch and loosen your muscles before starting the first circuit of cardio. These exercises are meant to warm you up. However, when it comes to insanity, even warming up is not easy. They are exercises too.

Each exercise should last at least 30-45 seconds, and each series about 3-4 minutes. Note that, there are no breaks between the circuits. If done right, the last set of exercises in this circuit should prepare you for the next course of insanity.

This circuit involves the following exercises.

·         Power Jumps:  This exercise is not meant for the weak. You will need to jump as high and as fast as you can. As you jump, your knees should be raised past your waist level. The best way to do this exercise is to slap your knees using your hands. Place your hands above your waistline. Land in the squat position and jump from the same position. This will work on your lower body, lungs, and heart.

·         Belt Kicks: From a standing position, put your legs apart and place your hands on the hips. Move to one side, then squat and kick one leg up. Move to the other side and alternate the legs. This exercise is low impact, but require a lot of muscles involved.

·         Hit the Floor: While still standing, bend, and touch the floor with one arm. Straighten your body immediately and lean upwards. Alternate the arm and repeat the exercise. This will work out your core and calves.

·         V Push-ups: Make a reverse V using your body. You will need to bend over to make V push-us. Make sure that your hands are on one end of the V and your toes on the other end. Arms and legs remain straight. Lower your head to the ground and push back up. This will help work your shoulders.

·         Butt Kicks: While running in a fixed place, kick your heel back into your butt. Do this fast to activate your quads and calves. After this circuit, have a 30 seconds break followed by the next series of insanity power and cardio exercises.

·         Triceps Dips: From a sitting position, lift your body as high as you can using the core muscles. Your feet and hands must remain on the ground during this exercise. Bring down your body by bending your arms. Try not to sit on the floor as you lower then push yourself back up again. The back of your arms or your triceps will benefit most from this routine.

·         Ball Pushup: take a position akin to doing a pushup. However, your legs need to be bent and tucked under your body. Touch the floor with your toes and hands-only so that you look like a ball. Lower your body and push it up with your arms. This unique exercise will work the core and triceps as well.

The next circuit is made up of four exercises. After a 30-second water break, you will get into the following routine.

·         Hurdle Jumps: This involves running on the spot as fast as possible. After a few seconds, the instructor will ask you to jump. You will then leap on one side as if doing a long jump. This exercise takes a lot of energy, especially while jumping. It will work the calves.

·         Globe Jumps: Globe Jumps is all about hopping. Hop to your right, back, left, and forward. Trace a square or rectangle shape while hoping. Repeat at least four times. Your hands should touch the floor and raise them way high above your head.

·         Moving Push-ups: Do the traditional pushups but move to one side every time you go down. Change to the other side after two pushups. The moving will help you blast the chest, arms, and shoulders.

·         Floor Sprints: While still in the pushup position, move your legs as if running on the spot while supporting yourself with the arms. Maintain your butt below the shoulders to work on your core. You will need to push yourself hard for this exercise.

To complete a full set of the insanity cardio power and resistance exercise. Make sure you go through a few breathing exercises, a cool-down routine, and some stretches to calm down your muscles and restore your breathing.

These exercises are repeated several times in the first month. It might be quite hard at first, but your body is bound to develop the resistance and strength needed to go through the circuits.

You can be sure to feel some sense of achievement when you go through the routine because it is different from any cardio workout.

The final word on Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance

Everything you have seen, heard, or read about this exercise is the truth. Insanity cardio power and resistance exercisesare not for the faint-hearted. It will push you to the extreme but will give you impeccable results. You will be able to build your shoulder muscles, train your triceps, work your core and calves, and build your strength and energy levels.