How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally & Permanently Without Exercise

Many people have hectic lives and have difficulty finding a few minutes to start exercising in their weight loss journey.

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally & Permanently Without Exercise

Many people have hectic lives and have difficulty finding a few minutes to start exercising in their weight loss journey. Other times, people hate it and cannot get their mindsets right to work out and find a different way to lose unwanted fat or pounds. If you are like me and want to lose weight without exercising, you have come to the right place. I was curious about how you can get this done efficiently and did some research for you.

So how can you lose weight fast naturally and permanently without exercise? There is no one specific answer to this question, but most of it has to do with your diet and what type of supplements you take. As many food products have unwanted ingredients that hinder us from losing weight, a naturally-balanced diet with many proteins, fiber-rich foods, and dark leafy greens is a must.

Many places say that although exercise helps you lose weight, most of the reason your weight is slithering is due to a complete change in diet. That said, what kinds of things should you be avoiding and doing differently than what you are currently doing now? We will be going through everything you can do to make losing weight happen.

Drink Water Regularly

Drinking a lot of water should be a given; however, it does not necessarily mean that we are always doing this. Instead, we revert to drinking many beverages with unnecessary added sugars and caffeine in them, such as soda or coffee, so if this is the case for you, I advise cutting those out of your life.

The recommended amount of water you should drink is typically eight 8 ounce cups per day, roughly 2 liters. One way you can remember this easily is the 8x8 rule. 

Aside from water helping you lose weight, drinking water will provide your body with so many benefits, such as:

  • Affecting brain function.
  • Raises energy levels.
  • May support or prevent headaches from arising.
  • Might relieve constipation, especially drinking mineral water.
  • Helps prevent hangovers.
  • Maximizes physical performance.
  • May help treat kidney stones.

Eat Plenty of Protein

As you consume less protein, your body may want more throughout the day. While having a high-protein diet will make you feel full and, in return, you will eat less. Not only this, but it is known that having a higher protein diet will boost your metabolism up to 80-100 calories a day. Although this may not seem like much, since a pound is roughly 3500 calories, it is still again up to 700 calories a week!

When thinking about protein, the first thing that comes to mind is some form of meat. If you do not eat a lot of meat, then there are more than plenty of protein-based foods you can take: 

  • Eggs: Not only are they low in calories and carbs and have plenty of vitamins and minerals, but they are also an excellent source of protein with 6 to 8 grams in one single egg.
  • Almonds: Containing many healthy benefits, such as fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, and other healthy fats, you can ensure they will provide you with the protein you need throughout the day to promote weight loss. An excellent way to incorporate them into your daily life is through salads or smoothies.
  • Black beans: Most beans are just right when it comes to protein, but black beans specifically lower blood pressure, ensures healthy bones, high in fiber, and promotes healthier digestion.
  • Quinoa: Just a cup of quinoa gives about 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. This food is excellent to put in a mixture of something, such as rice and veggies. Not only that, but it is highly recommended for reducing heart disease.
  • Chia seeds: Giving fewer calories, this food has a lot of nutritional value. They contain omega-3 acids, high in antioxidants, magnesium, and vitamin B complex.

Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

If you have ever heard someone say, “eat foods that are high in fiber,” and dismissed what they were saying, you are seriously missing out on some tremendous benefits for your body!

Since high-fiber foods are usually more filling than low-fiber foods, it helps you maintain a healthier weight. Although you might automatically wish to use cereal for your fiber intake, the best thing to do for your body is using real fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Not only does it help with losing weight, but many high in fiber foods are great for your overall health. Even if you weren’t trying to lose weight, these are other reasons as to why you should eat more of it:

  • It helps you live longer. Increasing fiber intake may reduce the risks of all cancers and die from cardiovascular disease.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels. Studies show that high-fiber foods reduce blood pressure and inflammation
  • Regulates bowel movements. Do you notice when you eat a lot of dairy or gluten, you may get constipated? Eating fiber-rich foods increases your stool size and softens it, which in return will make it easier for you to go. It also helps solidify your stool when it becomes watery too.
  • It helps to control blood sugar. Soluble fiber can help lower blood sugar levels and may risk the chances of getting type 2 diabetes.

Eat Smaller Portions Throughout The Day

Many people are starting to eat six small meals throughout the day to help with hunger problems you may be having. But your calorie intake is a lot less than if you were to eat three large, planned out meals a day.

Not only this, but your blood sugar begins to fall after about 3 hours without food. It drops drastically around the 5-hour mark, so if you eat breakfast at 7 AM, you are starving by noon and grab the available first thing. 

Get Rid of Unhealthy Foods

Although it may be a given, getting rid of junk foods will guarantee success in helping you lose weight. The majority of stuff we eat, such as most bread, chips, pre-made meals, and any sweets, is a no-go for getting rid of excess fat because many of these items are empty calories. If you are interested in thoroughly getting rid of your snack cravings, three great ways to do this is either:

  • Get rid of one thing at a time (to not shock your body).
  • Gradually stop buying processed foods.
  • Take an effective probiotic to help heal your gut.

Limit Added Sugars

Not only does sugar cause you to gain weight, but in its entirety, it is slowly destroying your body. You may think that it does no harm because the results are not right away, but sugar has been known to link to cancer, arthritis, and much more over time.

It is tough to avoid sugar altogether because many food items we consume have at least 1 or 2 grams per serving. According to the National Cancer Institute, adult men alone eat an average of 24 teaspoons of added sugars per day.

Although there are many great natural alternatives to sugars or sweeteners, some are higher in calories, which is not recommended for losing weight quickly. However, these are the top 3 that does not have a ton of added calories to add to your diet. 

  • Honey: This natural sweetener is linked to have benefits on your heart and high in antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, and improves cholesterol levels. 
  • Stevia: Many people love this substitution because it has little to no calories in it. However, it is sweeter than sugar, so that you can use a lot less of it in your food and drinks.
  • Date paste: Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Since it is sweeter than sugar, you only need a little bit each time you use it. It is easy to make in a blender with 1 cup of pitted dates, 3/4 cup of water & 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. 1 tablespoon of date paste contains 25 calories, whereas 1 teaspoon of sugar has 16 calories. 

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is one of the fundamental ways you can lose weight since it boosts your metabolism. Regularly drinking can reduce body fat by up to 19%. It also contains flavonoids, regulating cellular activity, and may protect you from certain illnesses and diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and strokes. 

The best time to take it is first thing in the morning, right before or after your meals, or close to bedtime. However, it is recommended that if you have trouble sleeping, don’t drink green tea at night. 

Eat Without Electronic Distractions

It is a social norm that families eat meals in front of the TV or are distracted by their phones. But in this, you are not paying attention to what is on your plate. In this, you are eating more. However, paying attention to a meal may help you eat less and lose the desired weight you want. 

Eat Slower

If you are hungry, I mean really starving, you might find yourself scarfing down the dinner you just made in less than 5 minutes. Come to find out, you want another full second portion of that delicious meal, and by the time you are finished with that, you are incredibly bloated and wished you never had that second helping.

Eating slow allows your body to digest the meal properly. Whether you are eating three meals a day or 6, this is an essential step of the process as it may help increase your hormonal production linked to weight loss. 

Get Better Sleep At Night

Everyone and their mother always tell you, “get more sleep!” but it is not working. Either you cannot go to sleep at night due to the comfort level, the stress in your life, or because you lose track of time during the night. By the time you look at the clock and say 2 AM, you can only sleep for 5 hours until getting back up again.

It is vital to keep your stress levels down to a minimum and take natural supplements, such as magnesium or a herbal sleep tea at night, to calm you down. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself craving a midnight snack, which hinders your progress in losing weight altogether.

Avoid Stress Eating

We all go through stresses in life. It is unavoidable. One of the many ways we tend to cope with stress is eating a lot of food, especially chocolate, if you are a woman. However, this is unhealthy for our bodies, and although it may feel good at the moment, we are only doing more harm than good in the long run. 

If this tends to happen to you, here are a few ways you can manage it and get back on track to a healthier lifestyle:

  • Maintain your stress. Having some stress management, like reducing your caffeine intake, writing, taking supplements, or spending time with friends and family, are great ways to help. 
  • Write down all you eat. 
  • Ask yourself if you are craving, or are you stressed out?
  • Keep healthy snacks lying around. As mentioned above, don’t buy a ton of unhealthy foods lying around your home. Instead, create a list of healthy snacks to get and stick with it at the store. In return, this will help you with any temptation.
  • Lean on close friends and family.


As you can see, there are many research-backed up ways that you can lose weight without exercise. All it takes is a lot of time, discipline, and perseverance. Just make sure you follow through with the things listed above, and you can expect to see results in no time!