How to Do Dips at Home

There are so many alternatives to gym workouts that can be applied right within people’s homes. The great thing about this is the privacy...

How to Do Dips at Home

There are so many alternatives to gym workouts that can be applied right within people’s homes. The great thing about this is the privacy and accessibility that your home offers, but when it comes to dips, is there a way to do them at your private residence as well? 

To do dips at home, you can easily use a backed chair that has been weighed down in order to perform this exercise. If you would like to have a more formal setup for dips, you can invest in a set of portable parallel bars or even purchase a small bench for home use. 

It can be intimidating to try and find a way to complete your favorite workouts in your home rather than at the gym. Although it may take a bit of imagination and even a little moving around of furniture, creating a spot to do dips at home is quick and easy. Continue reading to figure out what exactly dips are, how you can implement them at home in unconventional ways, and what single items work great for those who want more formal equipment. 

What are Dips? 

If you are new to the workout world, you may hear the term “dips” and be a bit thrown as this sounds more like a food term than exercise. However, a dip is one of the most effective workouts when it comes to toning and creating muscle in the upper body. They are challenging, induce a healthy heart rate increase, and build muscle in a way that is extremely effective if implemented properly. 

In essence, a dip is an exercise that requires individuals to find a parallel spot that is up off of the ground. In a gym, this will typically be a bench, but at home, it can be a variety of different surfaces. You will then back up towards this surface and place your hands on the area with your body facing away from it. You will then extend your legs completely straight out in front of you and will begin in a lifted position. 

Once your position is square, your abdomen is engaged, and your back remains straight, you will then lower yourself down until your arms cannot go any further. After you have lowered, you will go back up and repeat the steps over and over again. This exercise is difficult, but it is one that you can almost immediately feel and one that will also help to create big changes in your upper body. Knowing this, how can you do dips at home? 

How to Do Dips at Home 

With dips being as beneficial and as effective as they are, it is an exercise that many people don’t like to pass up or want to work their way up to. However, it can be hard to take that workout from a gym setting and bring it into your home. Luckily, doing dips at home is one of the easiest home workouts available and can very quickly be implemented with only the most minimal equipment. 

Use a Chair for Dips 

One of the most often used items for dips at home are chairs. They are typically the perfect height and nearly everyone has at least one within their home. Now, it is important that you use a chair that is sturdy and has a flat seat so that there is no give when you go down to complete your dip. Simply set the chair up against the wall, make sure it is weighted down so it does not come up off the floor, and proceed with your dips. 

The biggest mistake in using a chair for dips is that many individuals do not weigh down the chair so that it can support their body weight without toppling over. Simply place a bag or two of flour on the seat (or something relative to this) and there should be no give to the chair when you are at the lowest point during your dip. Using a chair is easy, it is very effective for this particular workout, and it can be used without the need for extra equipment. 

Use a Countertop for Dips 

You may read that heading and think that the suggestion is a type of “workout from home” joke. Although it might sound laughable, if you are in a pinch or need a bit more of an incline than a chair can provide, completing dips by using your countertop may be your new favorite dip workout strategy. If someone walks in while this is happening, they may be a bit stunned, but they will quickly see how effective this alternative is. 

To complete dips by using your countertop, you will need to first make sure that you have some type of raised support for your feet that is stable and will not falter during the exercise (like a weighted chair as previously mentioned). You will then position yourself on the countertop in the dip position, place feet on the stabilizer, and begin your dips, If you would like a deeper dip, find a foot support that is shorter to allow for a more intense motion. 

Use Sawhorses for Dips 

If you are someone who is either into woodworking or home projects, you might have a pair of sawhorses laying around. These are actually some of the most ideal home objects to complete dips with because they are stable, they are easy to move, and typically, people already have them on hand if this is the alternative equipment they are thinking of using. These may be for projects, but a sawhorses new project can be to get you fit. 

To use a sawhorse as your equipment for dips, you will need to place them parallel to one another as you grip them. Place one hand on each sawhorse and lower yourself down to create a 90-degree angle with your elbows and keep your feet off of the ground by crossing them and tucking them underneath as if you were kneeling. Make your way back up and then continue to repeat. 

Use the Foot of a Bed Frame for Dips 

If you have a bed frame within your home, it is likely that it comes right up to your mid-thigh. Bed frames are great for adding a touch of character to any room, they hold your mattress rather than you sleeping on the floor, and they are oftentimes pieces that make your home a bit homier. Although bed frames are aesthetically pleasing, when it comes to dips, they might have another function other than being a piece of furniture. 

If the foot of your bed frame is the proper height to accommodate your own height, this may be a great place to implement your dips. Simply stand at the foot of the bed, place your hands on either side of the foot with your back towards it, extend your feet and legs forward in an outstretched way, and begin to dip. If the grip is tough on your bed frame, try holding some type of non-slip material while you get through your exercise. 

Use Portable Parallel Bars 

If dips are something you plan to regularly implement into your workout routine, you may feel like you need a more formal method for seeing them out. For those of you that would like to have a more activity-specific piece of equipment instead of using a chair or countertop, there is an option for you that won’t take up a tremendous amount of space in your home - look to purchasing portable parallel bars for your workout area. 

Portable parallel bars are very lightweight, they are easily moved from indoors to outdoors, and they allow for a bit more versatility when it comes to being able to complete dips, but also getting in other workouts that are relative to that style. There are also mini dip bars if you would like to use up even less space but still have the ability to get quality dips in. Either option will allow you the opportunity to dip without having to use other creative resources.