9 Best Joggers For Calisthenics (Comfort Guaranteed)

9 Best Joggers For Calisthenics (Comfort Guaranteed)

Because of the nature of the moves performed in a calisthenics workout, it’s important to wear clothing that's going to be comfortable, breathable, and close fitting, so it doesn’t get in the way.

With street and freestyle calisthenics becoming ever more popular, there’s also a growing trend in calisthenics fashion.

One of the most-worn clothing items in calisthenics is joggers, especially cuffed joggers, which are tight around the ankles and perfect for an intense training session.

This article will show you our top choices for joggers (for men and women) that are excellent for calisthenics exercises while still being practical, on-trend, and stylish.

How to Choose Comfortable Joggers for Calisthenics

Before we show you our favorite joggers, it’s important to know some key considerations when choosing joggers that are going to be good for calisthenics. These include:

  • Material. When it comes to picking the best gymwear, the type of material you choose will affect breathability, how much it makes you sweat, and how comfortable it is. This is particularly important in calisthenics, where you need something that’s soft and comfortable, allows your skin to breathe, and prevents you from getting too hot and sweaty. Cotton and polyester are good examples of breathable fabrics that are good for joggers and other gym wear.
  • Flexibility. Flexible clothing is key for calisthenics because of the range of movement you need to be able to perform moves effectively. Ensure the joggers you choose are made from a flexible material that isn’t restrictive.
  • Pockets. You might not think that pockets are that important, but if you don’t have any, it can get pretty annoying. Zip-up pockets or one hidden in the back of a waistband provide a great way to keep your valuables safe and unable to fall out when you exercise.
  • Fit. Make sure the joggers you choose are a good fit and are made from the right kind of material to enable you to move properly. The best kind of joggers for calisthenics are cuffed at the bottom, so they stay fitted to your body without getting in the way. It’s also a good idea to choose joggers with a drawstring or elasticated waist so you can tighten them and they don’t slip down while you exercise.
  • Color. Although the color of a pair of joggers doesn’t affect your performance, some colors will show sweat more than others. If you don’t like visible sweat patches on your clothes when you exercise, choose something dark, like black or dark blue, that won’t show sweat as much as a lighter color will.

Our Recommended Joggers

Below are our recommended joggers for calisthenics for either men or women, with a full review on each product to help you decide which will be best for you and your workout needs.

The following joggers can all be used for any calisthenics training sessions, including street or freestyle workouts. 

1. BROKIG Men's Zip Jogger Pants

*Our top pick for men

First on our list, and our top pick for men are BROKIG Joggers. We like these because they’re stylish and on-trend for calisthenics while being comfortable and breathable, which helps reduce sweating during the most intense workouts.

They also have the benefit of front and back pockets and have zips at the bottom, so if the tapered ankle cuffs feel too restrictive, you can loosen them off a little.

You can get these pants in various colors, with black or charcoal being particularly good for calisthenics, but obviously, this is a personal preference.

BROKIG Joggers are made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester, which are both breathable fabrics that are also hardwearing and long-lasting.

Brand & ProductBROKIG Men’s Zip Jogger PantsProduct FeaturesTapered, breathable, front and back pockets, drawstring, and elasticated waistMaterial65% cotton, 35% polyesterPrice Range$25-$30Sizes AvailableS, M, L, XL, XXLColors Available11 colors availableStar Rating4.4/5

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2. MAIKANONG Men’s Slim Fit Joggers

*Best look

Second on our list for men are MAIKANONG Slim-Fit Joggers, which we like for look, functionality, and quality. 

Apart from looking great, these joggers have zip-up side pockets, which means you can keep your phone or keys in your pocket without them falling out mid-workout. 

MAIKANONG joggers fit like a glove and are tapered at the ankle so they can’t snag or get caught on anything as you perform calisthenics. You can also adjust the waist using the drawstring, so they fit comfortably to your size.

Like the joggers above, these are also made mainly from cotton with a polyester mix, so they breathe and help to reduce the amount you sweat during training.  

Brand & ProductMAIKANONG Men’s Slim Fit JoggersProduct FeaturesTapered, flexible material, side pockets with zippers, drawstring, and an elasticated waistMaterial70% cotton, 30% polyesterPrice Range$23-$27Sizes AvailableS, M, L, XLColors AvailableBlack, dark grey & light greyStar Rating4.4/5

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3. FIRSTGYM Men’s Joggers

Next we have FIRSTGYM Joggers for men, which are another excellent choice for calisthenics thanks to their slim fit and soft and lightweight material.

These joggers look stylish and are slim-fit sweatpants that are tapered at the ankle to keep them fitted yet flexible enough to perform any move in calisthenics. 

When it comes to material, these are another example of hardwearing and breathable joggers made predominantly of cotton with a mix of polyester. 

Each color that is available looks stylish and has added embellishments, so they don’t look too plain and boring.

Brand & ProductFIRSTGYM Men’s JoggersProduct FeaturesSlim-fit, tapered leg, drawstring, and side zipper pocketsMaterial75% cotton, 25% polyesterPrice Range$25-$30Sizes AvailableS, M, L, XL, XXLColors AvailableBlack, dark grey & light greyStar Rating4.4/5

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4. WANGDO Men’s Slim Joggers

*Excellent value for money

We also like WANGDO Men’s Slim Joggers for calisthenics because they’re stylish, comfortable, slim, and tapered, while still allowing a full range of movement in any intensity of workout. 

These joggers are our best choice for value because they’re quality sweatpants that look more expensive than they actually are.

Product features include a tapered leg and slim fit that looks flattering and molds around a muscular leg. They also have an elastic waist and drawstring to fit securely around the waist.

You can get WANGDO joggers in a wide range of colors so you can coordinate your gym gear.

These joggers are predominantly made from cotton and a mix of breathable elastic fiber, which helps to reduce how much you sweat while keeping the joggers soft and comfortable. 

Brand & ProductWANGDO Men’s Slim JoggersProduct FeaturesTapered ankle cuffs, soft material, deep pockets, elasticated waist, and drawstringMaterial65% cotton, 35% elastic fiber (breathable)Price Range$20-$25Sizes AvailableS, M, L, XL, XXLColors Available11 different colors availableStar Rating4.4/5

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5. BUXKR Men’s Slim Joggers

Last on our list of men's joggers are BUXKR Slim Fit, which we like for comfort and style. They have a tapered leg that helps keep the joggers in place and prevent snagging during exercise. 

The main features of these joggers include: breathability, softness, and fittedness, making them perfect for calisthenics. They also have an elastic waist and drawstring for the best fit around the waist.

They’re made from a cotton and elastic mix, which is breathable and can help to reduce the amount you sweat during exercise.  

Brand & ProductBUXKR Men’s Slim JoggersProduct FeaturesBreathable, soft, tapered leg, deep pockets, drawstring, and elasticated waistMaterial65% cotton, 35% elastic fiberPrice Range$20-$25Sizes AvailableS, M, L, XL, XXLColors AvailableNine colors availableStar Rating4.3/5

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6. UEU Women’s Joggers

We’re now moving on to our jogger recommendations for women. The first on our list are UEU Joggers, which are simple but lightweight in design that are excellent for calisthenics.

We like these joggers for fit and comfort because they’re loose around the middle, tapered at the ankle, and have a wide waistband that’s flattering yet fits snugly. 

They’re made from soft, breathable fabric, which is also stretchy, meaning you can perform any calisthenics move without being compromised by your joggers.

UEU Joggers are available in 22 colors, so they can be coordinated with any other gym gear. They’re also excellent value for money, with prices starting from just $19.99.

Brand & ProductUEU Women’s JoggersProduct FeaturesWide waistband, tapered leg, deep pockets, soft and comfortableMaterial90% polyester, 10% SpandexPrice Range$20-$30Sizes AvailableS, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXLColors Available22 colors available (including patterned)Star Rating4.5/5

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7. Oalka Women’s High Waist Joggers

*Ultimate comfort & excellent value

Next up are Oalka High Waist Joggers for women. We like these for comfort due to the seamless high waistband, which fits snuggly and smoothly against the skin, and is both flattering and practical.

The waistband has a hidden pocket at the back for small items, such as a credit card or car key.

Like the others before, these joggers have tapered cuffs that help create a slim fit that doesn’t get in the way, making them perfect for calisthenics.  

Oalka Joggers are excellent value with some colors and patterns starting from $9.99, but despite this low price, they’re still great quality and are made to last.

As well as the features above, these joggers are also available in 33 different colors and patterns, meaning you can coordinate them with all kinds of gym tops.

Brand & ProductOalka Women’s JoggersProduct FeaturesHigh-waist, tummy control band, tapered leg, hidden pocket, soft and comfortableMaterial80% nylon, 20% SpandexPrice Range$10-$25Sizes AvailableXS, S, M, L, XL, XXLColors Available33 colors (including patterned)Star Rating4.5/5

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8. Stelle Women's Lightweight Joggers

Stelle Lightweight Joggers are best-selling classic-style sweatpants that are cuffed at the ankles.

The main features of these joggers include softness, comfort, and a slim fit, all of which make them good for calisthenics workouts and other sports.

The material used to make Stelle Joggers is predominately made from cotton and polyester, making them breathable, which helps to reduce sweat, and it also contains Spandex to make them stretchy. 

These joggers are available in various sizes and come in four simple colors.

Brand & ProductStelle Women's Lightweight JoggersProduct FeaturesSoft and comfortable. Drawstring and elasticated waist, front, and back pockets.Material73% cotton, 20% polyester, 7% SpandexPrice Range$17-$22Sizes AvailableXS, S, M, L, XL, XXLColors AvailableBlack, charcoal, grey & navyStar Rating4.5/5

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9. Leggings Depot Women’s Activewear Jogger

Last but not least in the list are Leggings Depo Activewear Joggers, which have a sleek design of a wide and flattering fitted waistband with a hidden pocket and cuffed bottoms.

Because they’re neat, fitted, and lightweight, they’re a good choice for all kinds of calisthenics workouts, including freestyle routines.

The material used to make these joggers is designed for comfort and is breathable so that you won’t sweat so much during exercise. 

These joggers offer excellent value for money with some colors available from $16.99. They’re also available in a wide range of color options.

Brand & ProductLegging’s Depo Women’s JoggersProduct FeaturesFlattering waist fitting, side pockets, and secret back pocket, lightweight and tapered legMaterial84% polyester, 16% SpandexPrice Range$15-$20Sizes AvailableS, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXLColors AvailableWide range of colors (including patterned)Star rating4.4/5

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So we’ve now shown you all of our recommended joggers. To summarize, the best kind of joggers for calisthenics are generally slim-fit with a tapered leg, so they stay secure during any kind of workout.

Joggers with zip-up or hidden pockets are also good if you need to keep valuables such as your phone or keys safe while at the gym.

Choose soft, breathable fabrics because they will help ensure you’re comfortable during your workout and reduce the amount you sweat throughout a session.

We hope you have fun choosing your calisthenics joggers so you can exercise in style!